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I write about businesses using AI - and how you can apply it as a founder, operator, or investor.Every week I write a post on how AI is being used internally, in product experiences, AI trends and breaking down AI companies.The newsletter condenses hours of research into one post per week. Giving you ideas on how you can use AI in your business and avoid mistakes others have made.There is no blueprint for using AI in business, so I'm documenting it using real-life use cases, every week.

A quick review of the story of bens bites and what to expect next…I started Ben's Bites as a daily AI newsletter in October 2022. Now we're over 100k subscribers.There were no others. Now there are lots.The first two posts I wrote long-form content. But I had a job (from selling my company) so I had to make the posts easier to produce. I started curating all the best news and product launches in AI instead.That was, and still is, Ben's Bites. That part isn’t changing…I don't want to keep just playing the 'free AI newsletter' game. It doesn't feel very "me". The news and product launches can be exhausting for some, and that's ok. I like going deeper.I like following my curiosity. I like jamming on new ideas. I like reverse engineering businesses. I like digging into the details.My last startup, Makerpad, worked because I could explore new ideas, build them without code and film my process.) That became the worlds #1 'no-code education' site.Then I sold it to Zapier.I had twins 6 months ago. Well, my wife did. But I did too! And after selling a company you're sometimes a little burnt out. I didn't want to build a company again. I was tired.Ben's Bites is an accidental company. And it's filling me with energy. We have a small team helping it all come together - shoutout Keshav, Daniel, Adam and Shanice.Fun fact: We've covered 12k launches and stories, driving over 4 million clicks since we started.2 weeks ago, I launched an experiment where I wrote deeper posts every day. The feedback has been phenomenal, thank you. Each post has been the most clicked link in the email. every. single. time.I'm no longer tired. (It helps that the twins sleep through the night now).

I'm launching Ben's Bites Pro.

A weekly newsletter covering AI use in businesses.I will publish 1 post a week that goes deeper.

What to expect:

How are businesses using AI internally and in their products. There are a lot of AI tools out there and even more chatter about how revolutionary it is. But how is it being used inside a business? How are different teams using AI for work? Where in a company's product is it being used? What are the results? These are the questions I'll be tackling. e.g.- How do companies use AI in customer onboarding?- AI coding is explodingAI trends and business ideas. New opportunities are everywhere. Sometimes you just need to know how to find them. I'll be exploring what trends are taking off, who's capitalised on them already, how they did it and what business you could start to get in on the trend. e.g.- Jumping on exploding AI trends- AI writing - a trend- From pixels to possibilities: AI visionBusiness breakdowns of AI companies and entrepreneurs. Ever wondered how a solo founder makes $1M+ per year with an AI tool? Or how the entrepreneurs of big AI companies get to where they are now? I'll break down their stories and give you takeaway lessons from each deep dive. e.g.- Why do AI wrappers get a bad (w)rap?- The story of Replicate, a $350m company powering million-dollar AI businessesTool breakdowns. When do I use this AI tool vs other AI tools? Who is this tool perfect for? What are the features I should care about? We all have a thousand questions when it comes to tools. I'll make it simpler. e.g.- How to build an AI-powered company?

There will be no ads on the Pro tier posts.What does it cost? Early-bird pricing is $100/year. Increasing to $150/year on Jan 1st 2024.

What people are saying:

“Completely love the Opportunities section! I can apply that to my field and run with it. Would love to see this every week!”Michelle Silva

“Loving all the deep dives lately! They are so good”Greg Isenberg

“I love your writing! In fact, I find it more helpful than the news itself, although I'm a big fan of the news too.”Young

“Please do more. It's really accessible content.”Faisal Shariff

“This was 🔥. Thanks for sharing a counter narrative.”Lauren Virens

“This is SUCH a good breakdown, loved to learn even more about them [Replicate].”Danny Postma

Hey, your article was fucking fire. I feel bad for the other people who didn't go out of their way to read itSean Stone

You're the only person covering AI like this. Breath of fresh air. Keep it up!OA M

“Ben pushing boundaries with the newsletter quality 🚀"1LittleCoder